5th - Hannah Collins

3rd - Daniel Counts
4th - Blake Chandler
5th - Cainan Harrison

Essay Writing:
5th - Kathryn Lowrance

Pace Bowl: 
1st - Hannah Carroll, David Dooley, Moses & Ezra Pinzur
Poetry Writing: 
2nd - Kathryn Lowance
Power Point Presentation: 
2nd (tie) - Tully Lawler
2nd (tie) - Moses Pinzur
4th - Julia Green, Rebekah Aulridge
5th - Gabby Collins, Elise May
6th - John C, Luke C

5th - Mallie Sharenberger

Science Exhibit Engineering:
1st - Kyle Goke

Website Design:
3rd - Elizabeth Chandler

1st - Gracie Steva
2nd - Tully Lawler
3rd - Gabby Collins

2nd - Hannah Hulme

Pen and Ink:
1st - Phillip Crisp 
1st - Kyle Goke
2nd - Gracie Steva
4th - Olive Carrick
6th - Sarah Aulridge

Colored Pencil: 
2nd - Kyle Goke
5th - Hannah Collins

Black & White Scenic:  
1st - Hannah Shelton
B&W Plants & Animals: 
1st - Elizabeth Chandler
6th - Maranda Lowrance
Color Animals:
4th - Elizabeth Chandler

Color Computer Enhancement: 
5th - Hannah Shelton

Color Scenic:
1st - Hannah Shelton

3rd - Julia Green
4th - Josie Doyka
2nd - Josie Doyka 
3rd - Hannah Collins
6th - Tully Lawler

6th - Hannah Hulme

3rd - Josie Doyka

4th - Julia Green

6th - Hannah Collins

200-Meter Dash Male: 
4th - Cainan Harrison
800-Meter Run Male:
4th - John Counts
400-Meter Relay: 
1st - Luke Counts, Lee Terrell, Moses Pinzur, Phillip Crisp

100-Meter Dash Female: 
2nd - Kaitlin Smith
200-Meter Dash Female:
4th - Taylor Snow
5th - Keziah Oakes 
400-Meter Relay: 
1st - Hannah S, Gabby C, Cora K, Jessy W
4th - Sarah A, Keziah O, Taylor S, Kaitlin S

Running Long Jump: 
2nd - Philip Crisp 
3rd - Stuart Martin

Shot Put:
2nd - Cainan Harrison

1st - David Dooley
3rd - Stuart Martin
4th - Kyle Goke

Table Tennis: 
1st - Moses Pinzur
5th - Jeremiah Pinzur

Physical Fitness: 
1st - Ezra Pinzur 

Free Style Bow (Archery):
2nd - Hannah Collins

4th - UCA Volleyball

1st - UCA Basketball

Large Ensemble: 
1st - UCA Large
Small Ensemble: 
1st - UCA Small

Piano Solo Female: 
1st - Gabby Collins
2nd (tie) - Josie Doyka
2nd (tie) - Jessie Clement
3rd - Joy Green 
5th - Sarah Aulridge
6th - Mallie Sharenberger

Piano Duet:
1st - Julia and Joy Green

Quartet Male: 
1st - Andrew C, John C, Luke C, Nathan S
2nd - Moses P, David D, Kyle G, Stuart M
3rd - Jacob R, Jacob C, Lee T, Phillip C

Quartet Female:  
2nd - Hannah C, Jessyca W, Claudia H, Hannah S
4th - Gabby C, Sarah A, Julia G, Gracie S
5th - Cora K, Kathryn L, Maranda L, Olive C
6th - Elizabeth C, Kaitlin S, Katelyn H, Lydia M

Quartet Mixed: 
1st - Hannah C, Kyle G, Jessyca W, David D
2nd - Jessie C, Julia G, Lee T, Moses P
3rd - Claudia H, Eliana C, Jacob R, Stuart M
5th - Ezra P. Hannah H, Josie D, Phillip C

Trio Male: 
1st - Phillip C, Ezra P, David D
2nd - Andrew C, Nathan S, Stuart M
4th - Daniel C, Blake C, Jeremiah P

Trio Female: 
1st - Jessie C, Claudia H, Hannah C 
2nd - Eliana C, Gabby C, Julia G
4th - Gracie S, Hannah H, Mallie S

Trio Mixed: 
1st - Andrew C, Hannah C, Jacob C
2nd - Gracie S, John C, Rachel C
3rd - Josie D, Kyle G, Sarah A
4th - Chana C, Luke C, Mallie S
5th - Cora K, Keziah O, Nathan S

Duet Female:  
1st - Jessie C & Eliana C
3rd - Julia G & Joy G
5th - Olive C & Rachel C
6th - Gracie S & Mallie S

Duet Mixed:  
1st - Andrew C & Jessie C
4th - Jacob C & Josie D
6th - Blake C & Elizabeth C

Solo Male:  
1st - Andrew Carroll

Solo Female:  
2nd - Hannah C
3rd - Josie D
5th - Rachel C
6th - Eliana C

String Solo Plucked:  
3rd - Nathan S
4th - Blake C

Instrumental Trio:
1st - Claudia H, Hannah S, Nathan S

Instrumental Quartet:
1st - Blake C, Claudia H, Hannah S, Nathan S

Musical Arrqangment:
1st - Jessie Clement
2nd - Blake Chandler

Preaching (ages 16 and up):
2nd - Jacob Ryckman

Preaching (ages 13-15):  
3rd - Daniel Counts

Dramatic Dialogue: 
2nd -  Andrew C & Ezra P
6th - Jacob C & Kyle G

Expressive Reading:
3rd - Chana Crouch

One-Act Play: 
2nd - Elise M, Hannah C, Jacob R, Jessyca W, Maranda L
3rd- Daniel C, Jeremiah P, Taylor S, Katelyn H, Eliana C
4th - Cainan H, John C, Luke C, Moses P

Radio Program: 
1st - David D, Josie D,Lee T, Kyle G, Moses P
3rd - Andrew C, Chana C, Jacob R, Luke C, Tully L 

Overall Cap Award (Placeing High in all 5 catagories)
5th - Kyle Goke

Academics 1st
Exhibits: 1st
Music: 1st
Platform: 2nd
Athletics: 2nd

Mens Duet
Dramamtic Dialogue
Quartet Singing
One Act Plays
Track and Field
2013 Regionals
Steak 'N Shake
Satisfied Customers
Bowling Green Travel
Shot Put
Open Events
Lady Mustangs V-ball
Choir Sings
UCA  2015 Regional Student Convention Placing List
2015 Regional Convention Results
2015 Junior Regional Results
UCA  2015 Junior Regional Convention Placing List

Checkers:  Lawson Tea 2nd

Chess:  Jay Lilly 2nd

Science Exhibits - Collection: Lilly Hill 1st

Essay Writing: Jay Lilly 1st

Poetry Writing: Landry Tea 4th


Acrylics:  Kelsey Goke 3rd, Josiah Goke 1st

Sketching:  Josiah Goke 6th, Kelsey Goke 1st

Pen and Ink: Josiah Crouch 6th, Lawson Tea 4th, Skylar Russell 1st

Pastels:  Josiah Goke 6th, Skylar Russell 5th, Kelsey Goke 1st

Colored Pencils:  Mary Grace 5th, Josiah Crouch 3rd, Skylar Russell 2nd, Kelsey Goke 1st

Monochromatic Scenic: Gabriel Williams 3rd

Monochromatic Plants and Animals: Gabriel Williams 2nd

Monochromatic Character Trait: Landry Tea 4th, Gabriel Williams 2nd

Color Still Life Photo:  Mary Grace Dooley 6th, Skylar Russell 5th

Color Character Trait: Landry Tea 2nd

Quilts: Emma May 3rd


50 Yard Dash Male: Josiah Crouch 6th

100 Yard Dash Female:  Kaitlyn Antone 4th

200 Yard Dash Male: Josiah Goke 6th, Evan Counts 5th

200 Yard Dash Female:  Kelsey Goke 1st

200 Yard Relay Male: Evan Counts, Josiah Crouch, Lawson Tea, Laydan Lawler 1st

200 Yard Relay Female: Kaitlyn Antone, Skylar Russell, Mary Grace Dooley, Leah Crouch 2nd 

Running Long Jump: Josiah Crouch 3rd

3 on 3 Basketball Male: Laydan Lawler, Josiah Crouch, Lawson Tea 4th

Bare Compound Bow: Jay Lilly 1st

Traditional Instinctive Bow: Lilly Hill 1st


Female Solo:  Kaitlyn Antone 3rd, Emma May 2nd, Landry Tea 1st

Male Solo: Luke Hill 4th, Evan Counts 3rd, Lawson Tea 1st

Female Quartet:  Mary Grace Dooley, Emma May, Leah Crouch, Kaitlyn Antone 2nd

Male Quartet: Lawson Tea, Josiah Crouch, Jay Lilly, Evan Counts 1st

Mixed Quartet: Evan Counts, Mary Grace Dooley, Landry Tea, Skylar Russell 1st

Female Trio: Kelsey Goke, Landry Tea, Mary Grace Dooley 1st

Male Trio: Josiah Goke, Gabriel Williams, Evan Counts 1st 

Mixed Trio:  Gabriel Williams, Luke Hill, Skylar Russell 1st

Female Duet: Kelsey Goke, Leah Crouch 2nd; Landry Tea, Mary Grace Dooley 1st

Male Duet: Josiah Crouch, Laydan Lawler 1st

Mixed Duet: Leah Crouch, Laydan Lawler 4th; Landry Tea, Lawson Tea 1st

Male Piano Solo:  Jay Lilly 1st

Female Piano Solo:  Leah Crouch 5th

String Bowed Solo:  Josiah Goke 1st TIE, Kelsey Goke 1st TIE

Instrumental Duet: Kelsey Goke and Josiah Goke 1st

Small Ensemble: UCA 1st

Large Ensemble: UCA 1st


Poetry Recitation: Luke Hill 3rd

One Act Play: Josiah Goke, Kelsey Goke, Lilly Hill, Luke Hill, Skylar Russell 1st
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